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how to walk on water and not get wet part 2

Posted by dturn on February 28, 2006

We serve a God who is BIG on resources. Whatever your need may be, He is more than qualified to fulfill it. As creator of the universe, he knows what you need before you do. He is the best a what He does. The heavens declare His glory.

His wisdom is unmatched.
His victories are unquestioned.
His forgiveness is needed.
His treasures can’t be counted.
His word can’t be changed.
His voice is audible.
His love is visible.

He can’t be altered.
He can’t be arrested.
He is the leader of every nation.
He is the protector of the weak.

He is all that.
He is savior and king.
He is the Alpha and Omega.

He will respond to your request by according to how BIG YOU are and how BIG YOUR FAITH is. When the blind man came to Jesus to be healed in Matthew 9:29, Jesus told him “…according to your faith, it will be done unto you”.




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how to walk on water and not get wet

Posted by dturn on February 26, 2006

In 2006, let’s do some amazing stuff. Let’s do something extraordinary.
to do this we’re going to need 3 key ingredients. I’ll give you the first one today:

1. Big You

do we really know what it means to be a Christian? A Christian is defined as
our position in life is determined by our recognition of who we are. We need to know who we really are. Most of us realize that God knows who we are. And some of us understand that we should know who God is. But a lot of people don’t know who they are. We spend untold hours and resources trying to find out who we are. Some us will go to our graves never learning who we really were.
we can only get the true answer to that question from God himself. If you are not in the correct relationship with God (being a born again Christian) you will never find out who you really are.

there are 4 things that make up who you are:

1. What you think
one of the definitions of think is “to weigh or consider an idea”. What do you spend most of your time thinking about
? Proverbs 23:7 says, “as a man thinketh, so is he“. If you spend most of your time thinking about negative things, you will become a negative person. It’s almost as if your thoughts pull you toward the things you are thinking about. Philippians 4:8 tells us some of the things we should think about. We should think on things that are pure, just, and honest. Don’t just let your mind be idle either. If it is empty or unguarded, it is a prime target for the enemy.

2. What you say
words are a very powerful force in our world. The word of God says in proverbs 18:21 that “death and life are in the power of the tongue“. This means that we have to be very careful of what we say. God has created us as creative beings. When we speak words, they become seeds and they are planted in the ground around us. After time has passed, these seeds grow into the form of the seed planted. If you planted tomato seeds, after a little while you would see tomato plants growing in that same spot. It’s impossible to get tomatoes if you planted green beans in that area. In the same way, we shouldn’t be surprised if all we have in our lives is sadness and depression when that’s all we ever speak.

3. What you do
your actions say a lot about who you are. As a Christian, we must have actions that emulate our father. God is looking for us to put legs on our faith. Often times we hear a sermon our read a scripture that speaks directly to our heart. After thinking on this word, God wants us to take action. Don’t just be a hearer, be a doer (James 1:22). What you do represents what you believe. If you believe that God has a plan for your life, act like it. Don’t go around moping like you don’t have any hope. Even if what God has promised hasn’t come to pass, act as if it’s so because it soon will be.

4. Who you hang around
we have all heard the phrase “guilt by association”. What kind of people are you friends with? Are they the kind of people who build you up or drag you down? The bible gives examples of types of people that we shouldn’t hang with (drunks, disobedient, disorderly, swindles) but lets talk a second about those you should hang around.
get to know and become friends with people who love God. No, I don’t mean just go to church. I mean people who are striving to live there lives for the Lord. Also, surround yourself with people that will encourage you in your walk with God. Sometimes in our day to day lives things get a little hairy. Having someone to encourage you is often the thing that helps us survive.

tomorrow I will get into number 2 on my list, a BIG GOD.

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give thanks

Posted by dturn on February 26, 2006

Good morning!
I woke up this morning feeling extremely thankful to God. I have many things to thank Him for like health, family, life, etc. The list could go on forever. The bible says in I Thessalonians 5:18 that we should “give thanks in all circumstances….”. So as you go through your day and things don’t go as well as you may have liked, thank God anyway. Maybe it wasn’t God’s will for things to be like you thought. Maybe it wasn’t the right time. Maybe somebody just screwed up. Whatever the reason, know that if God is working in your life, you should be thankful.
Being thankful should not be controlled by the circumstances you are in. No, not everything that happens to us will be good. The best part of it is that if we do Gods will, we will then be able to be thankful no matter what.

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cracks in the concrete

Posted by dturn on February 25, 2006

This morning I was going for a walk and noticed how many cracks were in the concrete on the sidewalk. Concrete cracks because it has no flexibility to it. The weather changes and the concrete can’t take the movement so it breaks.
It is my prayer that the church begins to realize that seasons have changed and many of us are still trying to hold our place in yesteryear. If we take the unchangeable message of Christ and deliver it in a form that is culturally relevant we can be much more effective. If we are rigid and immovable in our delivery, we will see the cracks develop.

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amazing love

Posted by dturn on February 24, 2006

It’s amazing to think that in spite of all the crazy, foolish, and sometimes stupid things we have done, God still loves us. For so long the church has taught how angry God is with us. Now let me say, this is not an excuse to sin AT ALL. Let us remember that God chose to love us even when we were hating Him. The apostle Paul was making a habit of killing Christians and God chose him to be a writer of New Testament.
So, when you think that you have done too much for God to love you, remember that there is nothing that you can do to stop His love. Just ask for forgiveness for what you have done and ask Him to strengthen you to never do it again. After that, the slate is clean and He doesn’t even remember what you did.
Don’t let the world condemn you for what God has forgiven.

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Lottery winners

Posted by dturn on February 23, 2006

Looking at today’s issue of USA Today, I read the article about the latest lottery winners. One of them said that they were still grasping the fact that they woke up one day and were millionaires. There lives were made instantly better by their winnings.
I think that it is interesting to note that most Christians don’t realize all the benefits that they are entitled to when they make Jesus Lord over their life. Not that we would consider God to be some super-lottery machine. He has made a covenant (agreement) with us to take care of all our needs. He has promised health, wealth, peace, and love to every one that believes. THAT IS AWESOME. I want to share with everyone that His word is true.

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here we go

Posted by dturn on February 22, 2006

This is just an attempt by an average man that serves an extraordinary God to make a difference in this world. I am ready to tackle whatever comes my ay. I hope that I can inspire people to make their lives, and the lives of those around them better.
Along the way I hope to show that inspite of the differences that many of us have, the love of God is available for everyone.

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