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Posted by dturn on May 11, 2006

When I was in junior high school I was part of the track team. I was pretty good at the long jump and I ran the 100 and 200 meter races. I was also part of the 400 meter relay team. This was pretty cool for me because I was chosen to run the anchor or final leg of the race.

Running in a relay race is interesting because track and field is generally made up of individuals performing to get points for their teams. Relay races are the only event that requires interaction between participants.

Each runner must hand off the baton to the next runner within a certain zone, usually marked by triangles on the track. In sprint relays, runners typically use a “blind handoff”, where the second runner stands on a spot predetermined in practice and starts running when the first runner hits a visual mark on the track (usually a smaller triangle). The second runner opens her hand behind her after a few strides, by which time the first runner should be caught up and able to hand off the baton. In middle-distance relays or longer, runners begin by jogging while looking back at the incoming runner and holding out a hand for the baton.

A team may be disqualified from a relay for:

*Losing the baton
*Making an improper baton exchange
*Making two false starts (or in some cases only one)
*Improperly overtaking another competitor
*Preventing another competitor from passing
*Willfully impeding, improperly crossing the course, or in any other way interfering with another competitor

Today I want us to consider the part we play in the relay race of life.

Are you handing the baton off correctly? Are you ready to hand off at all?

Are you selfishly pushing yourself on front of someone else who is doing a great job?

Are you allowing envy and jealousy a clear path on the race track?

A successful relay team requires that every member do his or her part to the best of their ability. No matter if you are the anchor runner or the one that starts off, we each have a responsibility to help our team when.

I want to be able to run my part of this race with theconfidence that God is with me and His will is being done. I don’t want to try to work my agenda or try to impose my will on other people. It is only by His grace and mercy that I am able to do what I do anyway. I want to be able to finish (2 Tim. 4:7).

When my time here is done I want to have someone to hand off to. As a matter of fact, in a relay race when you hand off to the next person they are already running. They don’t wait to get started when you hand them the baton. They have already built up momentum before you hand off to them.

Encourage those around you to get moving. No one gets anything passed to them when they are not doing anything. Elisha was about something before Elijah blessed him with a double portion. Even the disciples were busy in their professions before Jesus came along.

Let’s run our race and win.

As individual runners maybe we don’t do as well.

As a team, we’re unstoppable.


One Response to “run as a team”

  1. Anonymous said

    Now this is a blog!!! I like this analogy. I might just share it with someone else. I got some of my own ideas on this. It was powerful.

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