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Posted by dturn on May 24, 2006

One of the reasons I started this blog was because I believe God has given me a voice for this present generation. Now that may sound pretty deep to some of you but it simply means that He has given me some things to say and I’m going to say them.

I want to give people something to think about when I speak and write. I want them to go away thinking to themselves…”I never thought about it like that before“.
Not that I’m the greatest orator out there, but I am blessed to do what I do.

I pray that God continues to give me the grace to deliver His word in a relevant, timely fashion.

I want to also continue to push the envelope concerning ministry.
If we had any food in our homes that was stale we would toss it out.
May we always bring God to people in fresh and flavorful ways.

Big props out to LifeChurch.tv, Mark Batterson, Eddie Velez and Holy Hip Hop for bringing it.

These guys continue to inspire me to do more for the Lord.

I am looking forward to doing a full-fledged website, some podcasting and writing some books to inspire and encourage people to make a turn for Christ.

Maybe a DTurn.


One Response to “some thoughts”

  1. Those are some great reasons to blog and I am glad they persuaded you to join the cult 🙂

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