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Posted by dturn on May 26, 2006

Here in the Midwest it is thunderstorm season. It seems like whenever the weather gets warmer, there are more storms. I’m not a meteorologist but I think it has something to do with the atmosphere.

Sometimes when there are storms, there is quite a bit of lightning. It flashes through the night sky randomly. You can’t tell where it comes from. Fortunately, I’ve never come real close to lightning. I wouldn’t want it fry my hair.

A lightning rod is something that attracts lightning and carries it away from places where it could do harm It’s amazing to have something that could attract thousands of volts without doing damage to it.
I wonder if we are lightning rods of some sort.

Do we attract people to us or do we repel them?

I know of many Christians who are bible scholars (nothing wrong with that). Unfortunately, they are more concerned with learning Hebrew and Greek than they are with learning how to love people and be a good husband or wife.

I wonder if it is possible to be so deep in the Lord that you can’t see that your children need you.

We seem to major in the minors way too often. We want people to come to our churches so we can impress them with our hermeneutic acrobats.

Don’t get me wrong, it is great to be able to interpret and understand the scriptures. I just think that it is equally important to be able to apply the word of God to our daily lives.

I think that it is our job to compel people to come to know Christ.

Let’s be lightning rods for the Lord.



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