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Posted by dturn on July 9, 2006

I’m not much of a watersports fan but I do think that it is amazing to watch professional surfers do their thing.

I think life is like surfing sometimes. Just the mere fact that you are in the water heightens the chance that you will catch a wave. The key thing is to ride the wave and not getting caught under it.

Life can bring about many challenges. How will you respond? Will you be swept under or will you rise up and conquer?

Romans 8:37 says that we are more than conquerors. We can be this way because of Gods love for us through His son Jesus Christ.

If we follow god’s instructions and run the race that He has set before us, we will be the victorious ones.

Don’t let your emotions overtake you. They can often lead you away from the way God wants us to handle things. Sure life is painful. Sometimes its downright nasty. The enemy comes along with some medication to make you feel better. This stuff just numbs the pain for a while but it never does take it away. Sooner than later, you become addicted to this medication because you can’t handle life’s ups-and-downs without it.

My purpose here today is to let you know that if you bring all your cares, fears, and worries to God, He will help you deal with them. It might not be instantaneous, but you will have success. He will never let you down. I guarantee it.

Search His word. Allow His Spirit to search your heart. Be honest before Him. His loves goes beyond the worst thing you can ever do.

Don’t let what other people say affect you. Remember what God has said about you. you are delivered (psalm 34:4). you are protected (psalm 32:7). You are victorious (1 john 5:4).

Don’t run from the challenges of life. Ride the wave with your Holy Spirit surfing board.



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