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poverty of the soul

Posted by dturn on July 10, 2006

I read a post from Dave Ferguson’s blog from Rwanda.

He mentioned in his post the quote from Mother Theresa about poverty of the soul. That quote really struck a nerve in me.

It makes me question whether I am content where God has me or am I looking for more.

Dave wrote about seeing someone in poverty who loved God so much that being content was not a problem.
I think that this is amazing because in our consumer-oriented society we aren’t happy until we get more.

We need to keep the knowledge of God being our source first and foremost in our minds. Even when it seems like we don’t have a lot, He still loves us and will never abandon us.

May we always find rest and peace in Him



One Response to “poverty of the soul”

  1. ubertech said

    a pastor friend of mine told me of how when he was over in Africa training pastors and church leaders that the pastors did have a whole bible, but they would have to divide it up amongst themselves. He also said that they would come hours before the training was supposed to start and just praise and worship the Lord and he also said that the power of God flowed like butter.

    There is a reason why you don’t see churches of over a million people here, or large scale revival…we have to many options, over there faith is a matter of life or death.

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