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Posted by dturn on August 7, 2006

How can we really make a difference in our world?

Does it really matter what the color a person’s skin is?

I know some people can’t get past the fact that I am black.


I am not bitter. I’m just ready to make a move for God and I want people to join with me.

Does it really matter what denomination they are? Or what gender they are?

Everyone is valuable to God.
If they are valuable to Him they should be just as important to us.

No one has a lock on God.
No one has the best way of serving Him.
No one has the best way of having church.

I once worked in a Christian bookstore many years ago. One day an older lady (who just happened to be white) came in looking for a book. She told me the title and I proceeded to search for it. When I found it, she was extremely happy. At that moment I could tell from the look in her eyes that she had a tremendous relationship with the God.

I realized that although God is big enough to be everywhere at the same time, He is not diluted in my life and at full strength in someone else’s.
God was as real to me as He was to this elderly lady.

What are we missing because we fail to let the draw bridges down around our lives?

Don’t be afraid of me or someone who is of another race or ethniticity.

In Christendom we always talk like there is no prejudice or hatred in the body.

I think we’re like chewing gum…lots of action but no progress.

If you want to make an IMPACT stand with me.



3 Responses to “impact”

  1. Gutter Rat said

    Wait…..you’re black? I’ve been reading your blog and…never noticed! 🙂 Maybe it’s cuz I don’t care about skin color. I”m white – but in the summer I’m bright red like a lobster. 🙂

    I’ll stand with you – lock n’ load – let’s do this dance – count me in!

  2. thanks a lot Gutter.
    the more the merrier.

  3. David-

    I am with you man. You touched on a subject I am very passionate about. I will stand with you to make an impact. Thanks for all that you do…you are an inspiration.

    Chris J.

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