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I’m mad

Posted by dturn on September 7, 2006

I’ve been pretty upset lately.

I’m upset about a couple of things.

I want to make a difference in this world for Christ.

I recently read about a group of pastors who were surveying the Gulf coast.


Come on!!

Katrina happened over a year ago and we have to take a look-see?

How about bringing along a shovel and a hammerto help build someone’s house?

How about serving a hot meal to someone who needs it?

The church is always being accused of talking but not doing. These guys fit the bill perfectly.

I know there are plenty of examples of churches doing real work, helping people.

This just hits home because some of these guys are from my area.

I’m tired of this world not being changed only because we have other agendas besides the work of Christ.

We get comfy in our lofty positions.

We like to flock to our gatherings (conventions) to strut ourselves in front of the other peacocks.

We love to brag on who can preach the best or who has the most members.

This stuff makes me sick.

I have been called to turn the world to Christ. This gets me pumped up every time I think about it.

I am tired of people in leadership positions who could care less about leading.

These are people with no integrity, no character and no humility.

Where are the real leaders of the church?

Back to the Katrina situation:

I am tired of Black pastors and preachers referring to the people devastated by the hurricane as “our people”. They say this to refer to the African-aqmericans in the area.

They say that we must help “our people” through this.

I guess if they weren’t black we wouldn’t help them.


The church is for all people.

It is my number one prayer for Sunday morning not to be segregated.

1 God for all people.

By the way, if anyone needs a somewhat cool African-American preacher to unite with you, email me.

I guess that’s it for now.

God help my anger.



One Response to “I’m mad”

  1. Les Brown said

    Powerful words, David. God Bless.

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