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jumpstart 10/23

Posted by dturn on October 23, 2006

We spend much of our lives chasing after something.

It may be a girl, a job, a car, sex, money or even status. We all have done it.


Isn’t it funny how after you catch at you’ve been chasing, you still have an empty feeling. What you thought was worth chasing doesn’t seem like its worth much at all.


In John 4, Jesus talked about living water in a conversation with a woman at the well. Jesus said (v.1) whoever drinks the water I give will never thirst again.


People everywhere are chasing after something to fill the space where God belongs.

They chase after the latest fad religion. They search for fulfillment in money and positions.

They look to achieve and maintain the highest level of celebrity possible.

After all these attempts to reach the highest level of achievement and satisfaction, they find out that they really have nothing.

Their souls desire water that is eternal in its source and its possibilities.

Allow God to fill your soul, heart, mind, body and life with His living water.

You’ll never thirst again.


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soul vitamin

Posted by dturn on October 23, 2006

If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.

Peace Pilgrim

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power people

Posted by dturn on October 19, 2006

This is a new feature on TurnedOut that I will do quarterly.

I will feature people who I think have the POWER to make an IMPACT on the world for Christ.

I hope one day to personally meet all the people featured in this section.

Craig Groeschel

Craig is the pastor of LifeChurch.tv, one of the fastest growing churches in America. He is the author of Chazown, and his newest effort Confessions of a Pastor.

Craig is a great example of humility and authenticity. It is great to see how he is not ashamed or embarrassed to show himself as a mere mortal that has become available for use by the master.

Through Criags writing and speaking, it is evident to see that his number one concern is the spiritual well-being of all the thousands of people that God sends his way.

Margaret Feinberg

Margaret, in my opinion, has the pulse of this current generation. She is full of compassion and love that only comes from a deep relationship with Christ. Her writings are full of wisdomto help guide anyone through lifes challenging times.

Margaret has a fresh approach to life. You will be blessed if you read her books and her blog. She is one of my favorites and she’s got the power.

Kirk Franklin

Kirk is know to many as a great singer and songwriter. After his appearance on Oprah he became known as a man of integrity and honor. Most men would never talk about their mess on national television. Kirks honesty about his struggles and deliverance from pornography let the world know that this is a plague that can be defeated.

Kirk, thanks for being real.

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soul vitamin

Posted by dturn on October 19, 2006

Never tell a young person that anything cannot be done. God may have been waiting centuries for someone ignorant enough of the impossible to do that very thing.

John Andrew Holmes

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a moment

Posted by dturn on October 18, 2006

God has designed you for a reason and a purpose. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are limited by your income or status. Don’t ever quit on yourself.

God loves you

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Posted by dturn on October 12, 2006

I thought about a real simple concept this morning

Church growth is directly related to unchurched people.

I know that Christians change churches for whatever reason (I have twice!!), but real church growth is determined by reaching unchurched people.

It’s amazing how much time is spent literally preaching to the choir (some need it though :>). Much more time needs to be spent figuring out ways to reach those who are not thinking abut going on church on sunday.

There are tons of people in most communities who don’t really know who Jesus is. It is our joy and privilege to show these people the way through the darkness.

After all, we are the light right?


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emerging questions

Posted by dturn on October 11, 2006

My friend Margaret posed some interesting questions on her blog.

check them out here

here’s my answers:

  1. The biggest reasons young people are leaving the church is because the traditional church, for the most part, is not relevant to what most young people need. The issues that they have to deal with (sex, pressure, suicide,etc) get ignored for the most part. Also, they are tired of the double-talk and hyprocritical stance that some in the church provide. 
  2. The biggest concern of our generation is the lack of Godly leadership. I’m not saying that there isn’t any, I just think that there is not enough. Too many of our Pastors and ministers are consumed with themselves and don’t have the time o be servants. We need more examples of leaders who aren’t afraid to be human.
  3. Some of the heroes of this generation are those who are making a difference in our world—Oprah and Bono come to mind. They use their celebrity status to improve the lives of others. Church leaders could learn a lesson here—build lives instead of buildings.
  4. Emergent churches are so successful because they don’t mind reaching people wherever they are. They express genuine love and compassion (like Christ) in touching the lives of all kinds of people.
  5. The church should play a major role in social justice. We can’t fully represent Christ and watch people get mistreated all around us. If it wasn’t for the church there probably would have never been a civil right’s movement in the 1960’s.
  6. I believe the Christians should be involved in protesting anything that is not like God. We should use prayer as our first and foremost weapon but faith without works is dead.
  7. Christians should be in politics if that is there calling in life. There should always be someone in public office who is influenced by God.
  8. When Christian politicians are involved in scandal they should be disciplined accordingly. This would include forgiveness from a Christian perspective

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dirty little secret

Posted by dturn on October 11, 2006

One of the most devastating things that is affecting the world and the body of Christ is the influx of pornography.

This is one of those subjects that church leaders seem to shy away from. No one wants to talk about this dirty little secret.

I have had to deal with this issue myself.

I was addicted to porn for many years until God set me free 4 years ago (Praise God!!).

Now many people would think that it is terrible for a minister to have a problem with porn (you’re right). But it is something that many of us are trying to sweep under the carpet instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to cleanse us from it.

After being set free from this I find myself in an interesting dilema.

I believe that God set me free from this to help others receive their deliverance from this addiction. The problem is that people don’t seem to want to talk about it (especially men). I pray that this fall or winter I can start something to help tear down the walls and let some healing and restoration begin.

A great website that I found on this subject is xxxchurch.com

These guys are going right to the heart of the porn mess. They have a presence at porn conventions (controversial??), and they have tools such as software and downloads to help people and families out. check them out here.

Please pray with me as I allow God to lead me in this ministry.


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Posted by dturn on October 10, 2006


In recent weeks I have read a couple of articles about Bears linebacker Brain Urlacher and his paternity issues. He fathered a child with a woman and now he is in court battling over his visitation rights. Also, there is this little thing about money.

 The purpose of this post is not to pick sides or even comment on how I feel about the situation. What I want to do here is focus on one word – choices. 

I think that it is an amazing thing that God has given us the the ability to make choices. We are all free moral agents with the ability to make decisions on our own. Unfortunately, often times we don’t make the right choices.


Our decision making is often tainted by past experiences and thoughts.

We sometimes are driven by what our flesh is craving.

Sometimes we are just stupid. 

Whatever the reason is, we have been given a responsibility to make the best choices for our lives.We can’t really blame anyone else for what we have decided to have happen to us.It seems like it is easier to play the blame game than it is to own up to what we have done. If you have never really done it, take time to take control and be accountable for your own life. 

Also concerning choices, remember that your reputation is on the line. The choices that you make will forever be connected to you.We are always known for what we do, not our words but our choices and actions. 

Lastly, choices get results. It is our job to make sure that these are the results that we desire. If I make the choice to jump off a building, there is no way for me to get positive results. That’s right, I can’t fly. I don’t have a beef with Urlacher. I just wish that the choices that people make would be influenced by better thinking and responsible motives. 

Btw, Urlacher just settled out of court. 


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Posted by dturn on October 10, 2006

One of my top prayers is for God to open the door for me to speak/preach.

I really would like to inspire and encourage people to make a turn for Christ.

If you of anyone that is in need for a dynamic 🙂 speaker for an event, email me.

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can get myself in front of people more, let me know.


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