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Posted by dturn on October 10, 2006


In recent weeks I have read a couple of articles about Bears linebacker Brain Urlacher and his paternity issues. He fathered a child with a woman and now he is in court battling over his visitation rights. Also, there is this little thing about money.

 The purpose of this post is not to pick sides or even comment on how I feel about the situation. What I want to do here is focus on one word – choices. 

I think that it is an amazing thing that God has given us the the ability to make choices. We are all free moral agents with the ability to make decisions on our own. Unfortunately, often times we don’t make the right choices.


Our decision making is often tainted by past experiences and thoughts.

We sometimes are driven by what our flesh is craving.

Sometimes we are just stupid. 

Whatever the reason is, we have been given a responsibility to make the best choices for our lives.We can’t really blame anyone else for what we have decided to have happen to us.It seems like it is easier to play the blame game than it is to own up to what we have done. If you have never really done it, take time to take control and be accountable for your own life. 

Also concerning choices, remember that your reputation is on the line. The choices that you make will forever be connected to you.We are always known for what we do, not our words but our choices and actions. 

Lastly, choices get results. It is our job to make sure that these are the results that we desire. If I make the choice to jump off a building, there is no way for me to get positive results. That’s right, I can’t fly. I don’t have a beef with Urlacher. I just wish that the choices that people make would be influenced by better thinking and responsible motives. 

Btw, Urlacher just settled out of court. 



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