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dirty little secret

Posted by dturn on October 11, 2006

One of the most devastating things that is affecting the world and the body of Christ is the influx of pornography.

This is one of those subjects that church leaders seem to shy away from. No one wants to talk about this dirty little secret.

I have had to deal with this issue myself.

I was addicted to porn for many years until God set me free 4 years ago (Praise God!!).

Now many people would think that it is terrible for a minister to have a problem with porn (you’re right). But it is something that many of us are trying to sweep under the carpet instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to cleanse us from it.

After being set free from this I find myself in an interesting dilema.

I believe that God set me free from this to help others receive their deliverance from this addiction. The problem is that people don’t seem to want to talk about it (especially men). I pray that this fall or winter I can start something to help tear down the walls and let some healing and restoration begin.

A great website that I found on this subject is xxxchurch.com

These guys are going right to the heart of the porn mess. They have a presence at porn conventions (controversial??), and they have tools such as software and downloads to help people and families out. check them out here.

Please pray with me as I allow God to lead me in this ministry.



2 Responses to “dirty little secret”

  1. Chris Cree said

    David, it is interesting that you posted about this. Our church is going through a series they call Exposed where they are addressing some of the biggest issues that our folks say they struggle with. For the subject of Sexual issues our pastor brought in one of the head guys from xxxchurch.com to speak.

    It was an amazing message. Doubly so because I know they get as much flack (if not more) from the Christian side of the fence as they do from the people they are reaching out to. He didn’t talk about that to our church, but I’ve written about it before in my blog.

    I am going to be praying that you can get something up and running to face this issue head on. Porn is a billion dollar plus problem in our society. And it is the dirty little secret in our churches because we simply won’t talk about it. The only way the pornographers can make so much money is because people pay it.

    If hearts are changed then spending habits will change as well. And that, my brother, is the only way to combat the problem – one heart at a time!

  2. david said

    Amen to that Chris

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