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jumpstart 10/23

Posted by dturn on October 23, 2006

We spend much of our lives chasing after something.

It may be a girl, a job, a car, sex, money or even status. We all have done it.


Isn’t it funny how after you catch at you’ve been chasing, you still have an empty feeling. What you thought was worth chasing doesn’t seem like its worth much at all.


In John 4, Jesus talked about living water in a conversation with a woman at the well. Jesus said (v.1) whoever drinks the water I give will never thirst again.


People everywhere are chasing after something to fill the space where God belongs.

They chase after the latest fad religion. They search for fulfillment in money and positions.

They look to achieve and maintain the highest level of celebrity possible.

After all these attempts to reach the highest level of achievement and satisfaction, they find out that they really have nothing.

Their souls desire water that is eternal in its source and its possibilities.

Allow God to fill your soul, heart, mind, body and life with His living water.

You’ll never thirst again.


3 Responses to “jumpstart 10/23”

  1. Margaret said

    We are slow to learn….

  2. Curren$y said

    Dude I just put that Curren$y and Nate Dogg track on my ipod. It just came out on iTunes.

  3. I would say that it will be fine. My supplements are
    1500 mg each and it states consider 2 in morning and two in afternoon
    before meals.

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