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Big Ben’s band

Posted by dturn on November 30, 2006


There has been a lot of talk in the sports world about Ben Wallace and his headband.

For those of you that don’t know (or don’t care), Ben went against a team rule and wore a headband during a game. He was benched twice in a game for violating this ridiculous rule. He has since apologized for his actions.

I recently read a post on an blog that kind of upset me. No, it pissed me off.

This gentlemen commented that he thought that the NBA was filled with thugs who rebel against everything and everybody. He also mentioned that this behavior would never happen in the NHL.

I think that thinly-veiled racists comments like this are unnecessary, especially from a Christian.

The NBA is just like any other sports league. You have grown men playing a kids game, getting paid millions of dollars by billionaire (plantation) owners. These players are mostly young black guys from lower income situations. They are from the hip-hop era which most older white guys (owners,fans,critics) can’t get with.

The jealousy that is shown through the garbage that is spewed from their mouths is evident to all. Don’t hate on their talent or their expression of individuality.

Take a look in the mirror to see if you are viewing the truth of who you should be.



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soul vitamin

Posted by dturn on November 29, 2006

“Don’t throw in the towel, use it for wiping the sweat off your face”

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4 hazards to reaching your goals

Posted by dturn on November 29, 2006

If you are truly interested in reaching your goals you must understand that there are some things you need to watch out for.

These are 4 things that can keep you from achieving your dreams.

1. Lack of focus

2. Not knowing why

3. Not considering the consequences

4. No faith

I will get into these topics in the coming days


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time to give

Posted by dturn on November 29, 2006


 This is a season of giving.

Christmas is often seen as a time of sharing gifts with our friends and family. We look forward to opening all of our presents on Christmas morning. It is a wonderful time to be had by all.

As you start on your shopping expeditions, remember those who are less fortunate than us.

Even better than that, make a donation or become a partner in some worthy charitable cause.

One great ministry my family and I have recently partnered with is Global Family Rescue. They are a wonderful group of people that minister in Rwanda. I believe that they are God’s vessel of love that He is using to reach His people.

Check them out here

I want to turn the world to Christ. By partnering with ministries like GFR I will do just that.

Think about it.


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Oh No He didn’t

Posted by dturn on November 21, 2006


By now I’m sure you have heard about Michael Richard’s(Kramer on Seinfield) outburst during his routine at the Laugh Factory in L.A.

He is generally regarded as being pretty funny. This routine, however, was not.

check it out here.

I don’t believe that all white people are racist. The color of a person’s skin does not make them bad.

In fact, there are STUPID people in this world. They come in all colors, ages, nationalities and genders. They are from the good side of the tracks and the bad. The inner city and the suburbs.

I am so glad that the love of God reaches past our racial differences.

It is my prayer that everyone, no matter the color or nationality, would become followers of Christ and love the way He does.


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AI steps up

Posted by dturn on November 20, 2006


 Read this article today.

Allen Iverson has offered to pay for the funeral expenses of Kevin Johnson.

3 years ago Mr. Johnson was shot and paralyzed by men who wanted to steal his prized Iverson basketball jersey. This week the Lord took Kevin home.

Allen Iverson decided that it was only right that he help this family out. He also mentioned that he is tired of all the killing in Philly.

I, for one, think that it is amazing that someone the world thinks of as being a thug (Iverson) can show such a deep level of concern and compassion. He is obviously touched by the senseless murders that take place in our nations inner cities.

What I also think is that it is a lesson for all of us so-called followers of Christ.

We need to show the love of Christ that we talk about. Instead of beating down those who are struggling in life, we need to offer a hand of hope to them.

Let us come down from our lofty places and touch people where they are.

If a baller can do it so can the body of Christ.


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Posted by dturn on November 20, 2006

As we approch the Thanksgiving holiday I want to take a moment or two to say “thank you”.
I am thankful for my family and friends.
I am thankful for being healthy.
I am thankful for God being God.
I am thankful for me being me.

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Gerald Levert

Posted by dturn on November 10, 2006

Just got word that Gerald Levert died today. He was 40 just like me.

You never know when your time is up.

Take advantage of every moment you have.


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Posted by dturn on November 10, 2006

College students!!!!

I pray that as you work hard in school God will bless you and you will have favor wherever you go.

Proverbs 10:4 says “Lazy hands make a man poor but diligent hands bring wealth”

Honor God in all you do.

Find a place around campus to worship.

Read my blog 🙂 (C.W./M.E)

If you are not sure about your relationship with Christ, shoot me an email and I’ll help.


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Posted by dturn on November 9, 2006

Today would be a good day to pray.

I am ready to war in the spirit against every evil work of the devil.

I am tired of racism, lack, immoral behavior, sexism and every other perverted thing that the enemy is throwing our way.

Anybody want to stand with me?


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