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Don’t believe the hype

Posted by dturn on November 2, 2006

The bible speaks often about False Teachers and False Prophets.

They are both in the world and in the church.

It’s easy to get caught up into the whirlwind of information that seems to sweep our minds on a daily basis.  We get concerned with who is wearing what, and who is dating who. Are these things really important to our daily existence? Society would have us think that we must have our lives governed by things that really don’t matter.  Even in the church, we get caught up in the latest movements or what church seems to be growing the most.We want to go to the hottest conferences and conventions, not to improve or spiritual walks but to be able to brag about our attendendance. 

We have been deceived in 3 ways:

People that are Talking Loud but Saying Nothing  Some people will do almost anything to get attention.These are people or things that love to be the center of attention by being the loudest or dressing provocatively, for example. The volume sometimes is a cover for a person inadequacies. 

Rom 16:18 says that people with naive minds are deceived with smooth talk and flattery. We should look beyond their words and see what’s beneath the surface. The Status Quo/The Crowd 

Status quo is a Latin term meaning the present, current, existing state of affairs.         To maintain the status quo is to keep things the way they presently are The ways things are isn’t necessarily the way things should always be.  We learn how to do things and over time forget why we do them. Jesus came on the scene and messed up the status quo.He healed on the Sabbath.He hung out with tax collectors and prostitutes.

He talked with Samaritans.He came to change the way things were done. 

Col. 2:9 says “You have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God in order to observe your own traditions!  MAJORITY Jesus vs. BarrabasThis was a heck of a choice.

Should the people choose a convicted criminal who is armed and ready to overthrow the Roman government by any means necessary or should they choose a carpenters son who did some cool stuff but can’t seem to save himself?  Choices, choices These people chose to have a tangible/human power rather than the saving power of Jesus Christ.          The majority may rule but they are not always correct.  In other words, popularity does not always equal righteousness. 

OURSELVES / IDENTITY CRISIS  Many of us are deceived because we have no idea who we really are.              Some of us think we are our past.Some of us think that we are our present.

Some of us think that we are what people say we are.

Some of us think that we are all the good things that we have done. Our experiences are important but even more important is our relationship with GodDon’t trick yourself you into forfeiting your rights and privileges as a follower of Christ.

You’re not an accident or a mistake.

You weren’t mass produced.

You didn’t come from an assembly line.

You were deliberately planned, specifically gifted, and lovingly placed on earth by God Himself.  Don’t be deceived.Don’t believe the hype 



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