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AI steps up

Posted by dturn on November 20, 2006


 Read this article today.

Allen Iverson has offered to pay for the funeral expenses of Kevin Johnson.

3 years ago Mr. Johnson was shot and paralyzed by men who wanted to steal his prized Iverson basketball jersey. This week the Lord took Kevin home.

Allen Iverson decided that it was only right that he help this family out. He also mentioned that he is tired of all the killing in Philly.

I, for one, think that it is amazing that someone the world thinks of as being a thug (Iverson) can show such a deep level of concern and compassion. He is obviously touched by the senseless murders that take place in our nations inner cities.

What I also think is that it is a lesson for all of us so-called followers of Christ.

We need to show the love of Christ that we talk about. Instead of beating down those who are struggling in life, we need to offer a hand of hope to them.

Let us come down from our lofty places and touch people where they are.

If a baller can do it so can the body of Christ.



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