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he hate me

Posted by dturn on December 6, 2006


Hatred stirs up strife, but loves covers all sins

Proverbs 10:12

In my local paper today a columnist wrote about Christianity being a terrible thing and that Christian extremist are terrorist to all people.

The thing that he obviously doesn’t know is that TRUE Christians are those who have the love of God flowing through them. We don’t hate people, we hate SIN. That’s the way God does things and we should follow His example.

I understand that there have been those in the past who have misused the word of God for their own benefit (crusaders, slavery, etc.). As you can see, it doesn’t pay to roll like that. We also know that to live for Christ is to receive and then give His love.

Love is our weapon in this spiritual warfare. Let us never bow down to the selfishness of the past.

I refuse to give in to the hate that the enemy is working with.



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