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Posted by dturn on December 19, 2006


Racism is rooted in selfishness and insecurity. These 2 things are basically works of the flesh. Racism can only be wiped away by the power of Christ. By allowing His love to spread from our hearts, racism can be done away with.

Perfect love removes sin. His love is the most powerful force that you can imagine.

I never say that “I don’t see color, I don’t see you as a white person“. We are NOT colorblind. We should be able to celebrate the fact that although we come in different colors and shapes, we are all one in Christ.

The Christian community must take the lead on this thing. We are the ones who hold the key. The government can’t fix it. More money won’t fix it.

It has to come from us.



4 Responses to “perfect love”

  1. Margaret said

    Can we add “ignorance” to the list? Or at least “unawareness” of what racism is rooted in?

  2. David said

    It’s time to shine the “light” on this issue so that all may know the truth.
    It may be tough for some to deal with, but it is necessary for us to move forward.

  3. SolShine7 said

    I totally agree with you. The Church needs to be on the forefront against racism. We should be in the leading the way in all things with social justice…helping in practial ways but offering something MORE, and that something is the Gospel message.

    p.s. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I’m curious as to how you came upon finding it. I look forward to more insightful comments by you. Happy reading!

  4. David said

    Got to your blog via Jamey Johnson via Scott Hodge.

    The gospel of Jesus Christ can change everyone.

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