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Posted by dturn on March 16, 2007

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You know what would be remarkable?
It would be amazing if the church could lead to charge into racial reconciliation.
If the body of Christ, children of a God who is love won’t do it, it won’t be done.

Everyone is talking about the Secret (thanks Oprah), but here’s the biggest secret of them all…..

We are different, in terms of color, shoe size, personality, taste, eye color.
Why on earth would we let the color of our skin keep us from sharing and receiving from others.

I’ve met some tremendous people over the years who happen to be white, chinese, filipino, and a mixture of things.

The bible says that people perish becaue of a lack of knowledge.
I’m here to school you on the fact that if the church doesn’t get it together, it’s gonna perish.

A body doesn’t function well without all it’s parts working with one another.

Work with me people!!!



One Response to “let’s work on it”

  1. Go head and preach…the american christian church has not (history has shown us as well) confronted these deep seeded issues of racism and separation. Jesus has shown us (women at the well) that we must continue to be intentional about knocking these walls of division down…nice post!

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