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let the word speak

Posted by dturn on April 30, 2007

“For the Lord your God will bless you as he has promised, and you will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. You will rule over many nations but none will rule over you.”

Deut. 15:6


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practice what we preach

Posted by dturn on April 30, 2007

We live in a country that was founded on Christian principles, yet somehow Christianity is just tolerated in our society.
Some of our citizens only acknowledge God when there is some type of national crisis.

We, as a church, need to get beyond words and into action.

We live in a country where 10.2 churches close everyday.
195 million people are unchurched (they don’t go to church regularly).
We need to renew our passion for God and increase our compassion for souls.
There is a cry out in our land for a people who will act according to their words.

We must have the integrity to practice what we preach by following these guidelines:

1. see the invisible

We can sometimes limit ourselves by what we can see with our physical eyes.
By relying on our own abilities, we fall short of God’s plan for us.
What is impossible with man is possible with God. Luke 18:27
Our ability to see can sometimes be hindered by what we believe (faith).
If you don’t have the faith there is no way to see certain things.
Allow God to speak to you through His word and by His Spirit.
You will then have the vision to see His plan.

2. walk on your tongue

Our tongues can be used for good and evil.
It can be used to build up or tear down.
James 3:5-6 says that “…the tongue is like a fire…”
There have been words that have destroyed many long-standing friendships.
Wars that have led to thousands of lost lives, have started because of damaging words.
We should let the Holy Spirit guide us in controlling our tongues.
We can create a positive atmosphere just by what we say.
We have power in our tongues.

3. live out of your heart

There is no better way for an unbelieving so see God at work than having His church love people.
Our hearts can hold many things in it like anger, pain, jealousy and strife.
It can also hold peace, joy, compassion and love.
You don’t have to look very far to see an opportunity to share the love of God.
God Himself has chosen us to be vessels of His love.
We have not been given this role to sit ourselves on a shelf and look pretty (gathering dust).
It is our duty to spread His love wherever we go.

True community rehabilitation occurs when people’s lives are changed, not when new homes are built.
This can only happen by the power of God’s love.

If we can practice what we preach, we can change our world.


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Posted by dturn on April 25, 2007

For a while I have had a problem staying focused.
While I don’t think it is an ADD problem, it is very irritating.

I let things distract me from reaching my goals.
I have good intentions but somehow I get off track.

Well, as of today I am going to be better organized and I am going to sharpen my focus.
I am going to focus my energy in 2 main areas:
My family and my calling.

God has blessed me tremendously and I have to be a better caretaker of these blessings.

I am going to press toward the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus.

I’ve got work to do.


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I refuse

Posted by dturn on April 24, 2007

I refuse

I refuse to walk in negativity
I refuse to let the spirit of “I can’t” dominate my life
I refuse to believe anything contrary to the word of God
I refuse to speak words that go against the word of God
I refuse to receive lies
I refuse to submit to the pressures of the world and my flesh
I refuse to back down from my anointing
I refuse to be broke
I refuse to be sick
I refuse to be depressed
I refuse to be on the losing side
I refuse to cancel the Blessing on my life
I refuse to cripple my future generations
I refuse to drown in debt
I refuse to be a slave in money
I refuse to be silent in the midst of injustice

I refuse

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let the word speak

Posted by dturn on April 24, 2007

“Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty”

Proverbs 21:5

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5 ways to walk in freedom

Posted by dturn on April 24, 2007

1. Focus on Jesus

Jesus’ blood is the most power, protective force in the world.
You need to cover your mind, emotions, body, soul, spirit, and heart with the blood of Jesus everyday.

“And they have conquered him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony”
Rev. 12:11

2. Allow the Holy Spirit complete control over you

Let the Holy Spirit show you the negative attitudes, habits, feelings, and behavior that needs to be changed. The Holy Spirit is God’s power given to you to help you become like Christ.
Pray at least 15 minutes a day in tongues.

“Pray all the time asking for what you need, praying in the Spirit on every possible occasion” Eph. 6:18

3. Get into the word

The bible is the written word of God. It is a living thing that works in and for us even when we don’t fully understand it.
Select verses that apply to you and try to memorize some of them.

“If you make my word your home you will indeed be my disciples, you will learn the truth and the truth will make you free”
John 8:31

4. Tell the devil and his spirits to go away in Jesus’ name

Make it clear that you intend to follow Christ no matter what.
Don’t argue with the enemy and entertain his thoughts. Just beat him by confessing and praising Jesus.

“Resist the devil and he will flee from you” James 4:7

5. Hang on to other Christians

The Christian life is not a one-man show. We need other followers to support and encourage us and build our faith.

“Build one anothers burdens and so fullfill the law of Christ” Gal. 6:2

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His design

Posted by dturn on April 23, 2007

God has designed a system for His children to prosper in every area of our lives.
Prosperity is not just money.
Faith is not a hocus-pocus type of action.
When we have the love of God active in our lives, it will produce a harvest of prosperity.
We should not let the spirit of debt rule over us in these last days.
We are to be the lender and not the borrowers. We are empowered to get wealth so that the covenant of our God can be established on the earth.
We should not be afraid to be wealthy, to be rich.
If we properly apply the word of God and walk in the love of God, the wealth that we obtain will do good to the people that we come across.

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jumpstart 4/23

Posted by dturn on April 23, 2007

Words have power

We have the power to create and destroy by what we say.

When we speak words of doubt and unbelief we create a negative, destructive atmosphere around us.
When we worry we create something that is contrary to the word of God.
Instead of peace, we create stress.

Worry is a negative form of meditation

Our society has made it easy for us to worry and speak negatively.
We have become very cynical and pessimistic.
We complain about everything and everybody.
The internet (blogs?) has given us a venue to vent or disdain for things.

Murmur-a grumbled complaint
Murmuring and complaining will undo all that you have strived to achieve.
Murmuring displeases God.

Moses found out about this when the children of Israel complained (Num. 11)

Plague of fire
Swallowed up by the earth
Killed by snakes
Wandered in the desert until they died

These are examples of how upset God was with those who complained.

Today take the opportunity to watch your mouth.

Create a positive atmosphere by speaking words of encouragement, increase and life to everyone you meet.

Say what?


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Posted by dturn on April 22, 2007

I am praying that God moves supernaturally in my area.
I am also asking that He use me to do it!!

My area of the country (just outside Chicago) has a lot of churches but I believe that there is a need for more relevant, spirit-led churches and ministries here.
Lots of churches are very traditional and stagnent. They don’t seem to be able to attract non-followers.

I am also praying for a revival of the followers of Christ in my area.
Stir us up Lord!!

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Perry Noble on Virginia Tech

Posted by dturn on April 20, 2007

Perry Noble has a great post concerning the Virginia Tech situation.

Check it out


The Virginia Tech thing has me FLOORED! I have waited to comment on it…and thought maybe I would not until last night when NBC broke the news that the shooter had mailed them information…and has now, because of their stupidity and a desire for ratings, showed anyone in the world how to make themselves famous–even if they are not around to enjoy it.

It didn’t take long for political “experts” from both sides to jump all over this tragedy and try to use it for their gain. The gun control people are screaming…the anti gun control people are screaming back…finger pointing is going on all over the place…it’s a mess and people are trying to figure out what in the heck happened.

I have a theory…it’s a simple one…but I believe it is true. This is WHAT happens when people do not know Jesus! Maybe the problem isn’t political or social at all…maybe this is exactly what happens when sin manifests itself inside a person and expresses itself through the most horrid act of violence one could ever imagine.

I have seen in society AND Scripture that the potential for evil inside a human being is pretty much limitless…and what happened at Virginia Tech proves my point.

What does do to me personally? Well…it didn’t make me want to jump on the gun control bandwagon. It didn’t make me want to try to make our society a safer place. NO–it STOKED MY FIRE for evangelism, this tragedy screams a fact that Scripture has been screaming for centuries–PEOPLE NEED JESUS!!!

It makes me mad…AND it convicts me…when I look at the church and then this tragedy. I believe we live in a fallen world–sin happens, and when it does it is always gross. HOWEVER, I believe less and less of these things will take place in the future IF the church will freakin’ wake up and begin to do what we were commissioned to do in the first place–take Jesus to the world!!!

I am through fighting!!! THROUGH! I will not engage in the emergent vs. emerging debate any longer. I will not entertain the traditional versus contemporary…nor will I involve myself in the missional verses attractional debate. I can’t–PEOPLE ARE DYING AND GOING TO HELL ALL AROUND US…and to engage in meaningless arguments that are NOT going to matter this side of eternity–OR the other side, well, that is playing right into the hands of satan. If we are passionate about anything other than Christ and reaching people for him…he is not threatened.

NewSpring…we are called to reach people for Christ!!! We will ALWAYS be a church where you know you can bring your friends and family members who do not know Christ…and they WILL hear the Gospel in a way they can understand. We are going to do church the way God has called us to do church…and people who do not like it can scream all they want…and we will keep ignoring them and reaching people for Christ!!! We will no longer cater to the naysayers and the critics–there is WAY too much at stake.

We WILL preach Jesus…we will honor His word…we will worship with passion…we will do church in an excellent and creative manner…and I am praying that one day God will allow us to see over 3,000 people saved in one day…just like in Acts 2!!!

People need Jesus!!! PEOPLE NEED JESUS! If the church does not get serious about reaching the world for Christ–we are going to see WAY MORE of what happened at Virginia Tech happen all around our country!

Question–who comes to your mind when you read this? Who in your life needs Christ? Pray for them right NOW!!! And…make it a point to get them here…I promise you they WILL hear about Jesus–He is my King & my God…He SAVED ME…HE CHANGED ME…HE HAS MADE ME NEW!!! I was overwhelmed this morning in my quiet time as I thought about where He found me and how far He has brought me…and I prayed right there that NewSpring will continually see thousands and thousands of people being found by Jesus each and every weekend!!!

One more thing…God is using our church in ways that I never imagined. On Tuesday morning I received an e-mail from a student who attends NewSpring during the summer…but goes to school at Virginia Tech. After reading it I called him because his story was incredible. He said that the night before the shooting he was watching a NewSpring service on the internet…and when the invitation time came around he received Christ. He said he just knew it was the right thing to do. And so when the shooting happened the next day he told me that he was not in the building where it had taken place–but if he would have been there then he would have been ready!
It’s our COMMISSION to get people READY!
We live in a fallen world–sin IS real and nasty–but we serve a RISEN KING…HE REIGNS…HE IS GOD…and HE HAS CALLED US TO REACH PEOPLE FOR HIM. WOW…while this tragedy has broken my heart and I have grieved–and it has awakened me to what is important…and this church will NOT stop until we IMPACT the entire Southeast…and then the WORLD for Christ!


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