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jumpstart 4/23

Posted by dturn on April 23, 2007

Words have power

We have the power to create and destroy by what we say.

When we speak words of doubt and unbelief we create a negative, destructive atmosphere around us.
When we worry we create something that is contrary to the word of God.
Instead of peace, we create stress.

Worry is a negative form of meditation

Our society has made it easy for us to worry and speak negatively.
We have become very cynical and pessimistic.
We complain about everything and everybody.
The internet (blogs?) has given us a venue to vent or disdain for things.

Murmur-a grumbled complaint
Murmuring and complaining will undo all that you have strived to achieve.
Murmuring displeases God.

Moses found out about this when the children of Israel complained (Num. 11)

Plague of fire
Swallowed up by the earth
Killed by snakes
Wandered in the desert until they died

These are examples of how upset God was with those who complained.

Today take the opportunity to watch your mouth.

Create a positive atmosphere by speaking words of encouragement, increase and life to everyone you meet.

Say what?



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