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Posted by dturn on June 11, 2007

With Fathers day fast approaching, I wanted to make mention on how I feel about being a dad.

It’s awesome and challenging to be a father to my 2 sons.
Even though they can drive me nuts, I am very proud to be their dad.

My oldest son Terrence will be 18 this years old this year (yikes!!) and he has the potential to be person who impacts his world.
He wants to be a lawyer and I think he would make a good one (likes to argue :> ).
If he stays humble and works hard, he can be the best.
He has a good heart (rare for a lawyer) and he loves to help people (like his mom).

My youngest son Alec will be 13 next month (2 teen boys in the same house).
He is a very intelligent young man (like his dad).
He talks about wanting to be a football player but he is also awesome in his school band.
I look forward to seeing where God will lead him.

All in all, being a dad is great.
I thank God everyday for my children.
I am blessed to be their father.

I love you guys.


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