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lower case L

Posted by dturn on June 14, 2007

Why does it seem difficult for the church to show and share the love of God?

We don’t have a problem preaching at people.
We don’t mind being judgmental.
We love to sing and dance in our buildings.
We like to dress up on a given day of the week.
We’re experts at biblical gymnastics.

When was the last time someone outside the church experienced the life-changing love of God?
When was the last time you got outside your church?

I don’t mean witnessing on some street corner.
I mean sharing Love.
Water to those who are thirsty.
Food to those who are hungry.
Friendship to the lonely.
Hope to the hopeless.

I once heard somewhere that Love is a verb.
It propels us to action.

Make plans to share the Love of God today.



2 Responses to “lower case L”

  1. Margaret said

    Great idea and challenging. m

  2. David said

    thanx Margaret. You seem to always do a great job at this.

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