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afraid of the dark

Posted by dturn on October 8, 2007

We need to look head-on into race and Christianity.
The church shouldn’t go around saying that we should be colorblind.
If God was colorblind, we would all be the same color!!

We should learn to value one another.
Just because a person’s black/white/hispanic doesn’t mean that they are some sort of lower class Christian.
We have to make strides in understanding each other and learning how to effectively communicate.

Too many walls have been built in the name of the Lord that keep black/white/asian/hispanic Christians away from each other.
Fear and mistrust must be replaced by love and compassion.

The world around us is steadly changing.
It’s becoming more diverse.
We must take the LEAD in building stronger communities.
We have to build relationships outside our zones of influence.

Inside the church walls we still have camps of segregation.
We have to throw out the old mindsets.
We have to refuse to be bound by old stereotypes.

Styles may differ, but your substance is forever.


4 Responses to “afraid of the dark”

  1. I agree!

    God has given me a “kaleidoscopic love” for His creation – ahhh, beautiful!

  2. Great post and blog site David. I was discipled in the Lord by the African-American grandma’s and the Black Men of the church in which I came to know Christ. It was an all black church in Minneapolis (16 years ago, WOW! time flies), and I had the privleage of learning and being mentored under the black people in that particular community (which is very uncommon for most white men). After I came to know Christ, all I read was the Bible and black history books (W.E.B. DuBois, Malcolm, Truth, King, stc) – it wasn’t just a spiritual change, but a “cultural” transformation as well (which again, most white men never get to experience–hip-hop it seems is about all white men ever get to know about black culture–for me it was so much more!!!). I am so thankful for the bothers and sisters who mentored, cared, and took there time to disciple me. There love has made me the man I am today, and it has also made me open my eyes to “racial division” we have in society and the CHURCH. Look forward to hearing more from you – PEACE

  3. david said


    Love the kaleidoscope stuff bro!!


    Thanks for the words. Lets keep connected.

  4. Love the blog and the insight.


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