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Posted by dturn on October 18, 2007

It is my intention with this post to break down the barriers of racism that still exist in the church.
No one race (or denomination for that matter) has a lock on God.
Just because you are black, it doesn’t mean that you praise God better than someone who is white (yes I have heard that).
It’s a shame to hear how some well-meaning Christians speak about wanting to help “you people” (yes, I have heard that too).

God doesn’t love one race more than another.
Life outside the church is so much different than what goes on inside.
Our cities and towns are so much more diverse than they ever were.

*There are many more people and families from other countries that come to the U.S.
*There are lots of people who are bi-racial and multi-racial.
*There are more blended families than ever before.

Where do all these people fit?
Where do they belong?

IN the family of God.

In every race and ethnicity there are:

*Husbands who are struggling to stay faithful to their wives.
*Families who are being torn apart due to financial mismanagement.
*Children who suffer from abuse and neglect.
*People committing suicide.
*People on drugs.
*People watching porn.

Everybody has something going on.
I’m tired of hearing “we need to help our people”.
That’s garbage. We need to help all people.
If the church can’t get it right, the world never will.

You IN?


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