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Posted by dturn on October 25, 2007

Perry Noble has a great post about being deep
check it out here

I have been in church all my life and I have been in the ministry for almost 13 years.
I think I probably have seen it all.
It’s amazing how often a minister or pastor stands in front of people with the sole purpose of trying to impress them.
He uses gigantic words to give the impression that he is somehow smarter than everyone else.

He is deep.

I wonder how many lives have been changed by the $1,000 words used in a sermon
I wonder how many marriages have been saved while people are thumbing through a dictionary trying to figure out what was just said.

I wonder how many people leave church worse than when they came in the doors.

I never want to be so deep that I don’t reach the people that God put in my path.
I’m just a regular guy.

Serving an Amazing God.

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