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Posted by dturn on November 6, 2007

I got this list of commandments from Jamey Johnson

Commandments of Current Reality – for next generation leaders:

1. Thou shalt not pretend – quit doing the “positive” churchy stuff…be real in your staff/team meetings.

2. Thou shalt not turn a blind eye – get a pair of glasses if you have to correct your sight.

3. Thou shalt not exaggerate – quit doing the “positive” churchy stuff – AGAIN!

4. Thou shalt not shoot the bearer of bad news – if the church service and strategy stinks – IT STINKS!

5. Thou shalt not hide behind the numbers – pastors and ushers never exaggerate the numbers…do they?

6. Thou shalt not ignore constructive criticism – get emotional help for your insecurity if you have to.

7. Thou shalt not isolate thyself
– FIGHT or FLIGHT? Gosh dangit, at least fight once in awhile.

If the next generation leaders could do these things…it would be AWESOME!!


One Response to “open your eyes”

  1. good look on the site…peace David!

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