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the act of courage

Posted by dturn on January 14, 2008

I posted this a while back and I feel lead to post it again:


Courage is defined as mental or moral strength.

I believe that the courage that a follower of Christ has comes from faith in God and it is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

It takes a certain strength and courage to make an impact.

Nehemiah felt the burden to rebuild the walls.
He had a determination and he had to endure much criticism to accomplish his task.

It is going to take some daring and guts to make an IMPACT in our community.

When you go against the flow, you have to have the nerve to believe that God can do anything.

In Ezekiel 2, Ezekiel got sent to preach to the Israelites in Babylon.
These people were stubborn and difficult, but he went anyway.

For too long we have been comfortable sitting on the fence.
It has been too easy for us to curl up in our easy chairs of tradition.

When anything or anybody demands loyalty that doesn’t honor God, you need to stand your ground.

Those who are courageous will take the lead in making an IMPACT for the Lord.

Daniel, Esther, Ruth, Joshua, David, Paul…..Jesus
these are great examples of courageous people.

Where is your name?


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