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let’s talk about sex

Posted by dturn on January 15, 2008

I’m developing a talk that I will present to a group of teenage boys (yikes!).
It has to do with making good choices concerning sexual temptations.

The biblical example I use is the story about David and Bathsheba.

Obviously, David made a series of bad choices that got started when he gave in to temptation.

What will be our response in tempting moments?

Before the temptation even arises we need to have some things in place:

1. Standards / boundaries

We need to know what situations we want to avoid

Ex. (being alone with the opposite sex, various levels of affection).

An amusement park sets minimum standards for rides (height) for the protection of the riders, not to limit the amount of fun had by all.

We have to know where our point of weakness is.

Be real with yourself and don’t fall for the lies of the world
Ex. “its just casual/it doesn’t mean anything to me”
“If she offers it I have to take it”
“I don’t want to considered as punk”

Next, I will get into or perception of the opposite sex.

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