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Posted by dturn on January 22, 2008

Great post from Jason Curlee:

I love the passion that many young leaders have in ministry. I have also seen many struggle in the area of communicating because no one was there to mentor them.

Whether you call it preaching or teaching it can be intimidating standing up in front of others. I spent many years winging it and learning to be a communicator.

Here are a few tips for anyone starting out in ministry:

1) Learn to be you – early on you may emulate others as you gain experience…eventually you just need to be you.

2) Talk about one thing – Don’t flood your audience with lots of material. Talk on one point, give stories and scripture to back it up.

3) Treat it as a craft – Teaching is a high calling and it takes working on to be better. Seek as many opportunities as you can. Study great communicators and books on communicating.

4) Be real – Don’t try to be something you aren’t. People will connect because they can relate to you.

5) Have fun – Take the pressure off and relax. Some of my greatest and memorable times come from behind a podium. It is ok to have fun up there.


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