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50 day challenge (day 8)

Posted by dturn on March 31, 2008

Acts 3:11-26

The miracle of the crippled man drew a crowd.
God displayed mercy on this man and it became a teachable moment.
Peter told the people that, in spite of all they had done, they still had a chance.
Peter made sure that Jesus got the credit for healing the man.
The way to the best life is to repent and turn away from our sins and turn to God.

Father, thank you for your constant reminders of, no matter how bad we’ve been, we can still run to You.
You deserve all the praise and honor for the everyday miracles of life.
Your mercy and grace forever amaze me. Thank You for your love.


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she’s next

Posted by dturn on March 31, 2008

My wife had her first opportunity to “speak” in front of the church yesterday.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t there to hear her.

She did an awesome job!!

Maybe I’m not the only preacher in the family.

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50 day challenge (day 7)

Posted by dturn on March 30, 2008

Acts 3:1-10

Everyone wants to walk through the beautiful gate (we all love attention).
We walk past the needy everyday.
Money is not the only thing that people need.
Peter gave the man what he needed to solve all of his problems.
“In the name of Jesus Christ” is an awesome way to begin a sentence.

God, help us to be aware of people that we walk past everyday.
People are crying out for help. They need You.
Earthly answers are just temporary. They need the eternal.
They need You.

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50 day challenge (day 6)

Posted by dturn on March 29, 2008

Acts 2:42-47

Everyone was filled with awe.
The apostles did many miracles (healing and deliverance, but I’m sure there was the miracle of some woman’s husband coming back home).
No one was greedy.
They had conversations daily (doing life together).
They were happy (happy Christians?)
People were attracted to the message of Christ.

God, thank you for this example of how church is really supposed to be.
May we always look to this example of love, concern, and happiness that your church should produce.
Let us never take for granted the impact that we should have on our families and communities.
The world is searching for something that we have, in you.

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50 day challenge (day 5)

Posted by dturn on March 28, 2008

Acts 2:22-41

As Peter continues his sermon, he says some pretty powerful things.
He explained to everyone who Jesus was and what he did.
He quoted a passage from Psalm where David was describing the resurrection of Christ.
He then explained how Jesus left the Holy Spirit whose working was evident in the viewing of all the people.
The most important part was after his sermon, the people were so moved that they asked what they should do next.
By repenting and being baptized there were 3,000 people added to the church.
What an incredible day that must have been.

Father, may we boldly proclaim the message of Jesus Christ, so that men and women everywhere can ask “what do I do next?”
Give us the confidence and the courage to stand in the marketplace and tell that there is forgiveness that is available to us all.
Let Your Holy Spirit enter the hearts of those that receive this message.
Let them be changed forever.

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50 day challenge (day 4)

Posted by dturn on March 27, 2008

Acts 2:14-21

In this portion of chapter 2 we see how Peter was used by God to speak to the crowd.
It’s amazing to know that God will still use us for His glory in spite of our flaws.
The presence of the Holy Spirit made all the difference in the world.
Peter immediately got to the point….Jesus saves!!

God, thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of Your plan for humanity.
Thank you for forgiving us of all our shortcomings and making us whole again.
May we continue to humble ourselves and be grateful to You.
We know that we have a mission to tell the world that Jesus saves.
As we go in the power of the Holy Spirit, we give your name praise.

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it’s our anniversary

Posted by dturn on March 27, 2008

Today is the best day of my life, right after being born and being born again.

Today I celebrate my 15th wedding anniversary.

Let me start by saying that sometimes I wonder how I was able to get such an amazing woman to marry me.
I think that I got the better end of this deal.
Wanda is my best friend/soul mate/companion/lover/etc.

She is an awesome mom and she is always willing to help others anyway she can.
Also, she’s a GREAT cook!

No matter how far we are apart, due to my job, we have managed to make sure we talk to each other every single day.
For all you math majors, that’s over 5400 DAYS!!
I love the fact that we can talk about anything and we always find time to laugh.

Sweetie, thanks for putting up with me for this long.
I look forward to seeing what God has in store for us in the future.

Love ya.

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50 day challenge (day 3)

Posted by dturn on March 26, 2008

Acts 2:1-13

As I go through the book of Acts, it’s amazing to see how things are progressing.
At the beginning of chapter 2 the apostles finally get what they have been waiting for, the Holy Spirit.
The wind and fire of the Spirit shows me that things will be shifted and purified when the Spirit comes on the scene.
It also shows me the presence and the power of the Spirit will draw others to those who have the Spirit of God operating in their lives.
It doesn’t matter what color or nationality a person is.
God is not limited by geographic location or skin color.
It’s amazing how we put limitations on God.

Father, thank you for the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit.
We need Him, now more than ever before.
The world is in search for something substantial, something powerful.
Let Your church demonstrate this power. Not as a show but as an act of Your love.
Let the healings and miracles take place. Let deliverance and other demonstrations happen.
Let the world know that You are God.

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soul vitamin

Posted by dturn on March 25, 2008

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

Lord Vader

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50 day challenge (day 2)

Posted by dturn on March 25, 2008

Acts 1:12-26

The section shows how the apostles, while waiting on the Holy Spirit to come, had a gathering. Their original group of 12 had grown to 120.
They wanted to find a replacement for Judas.
It’s interesting to see how they had criteria but they needed guidance from the Holy Spirit before they made their decision.

As I really jump-off this process of starting a church, I pray that every decision that is made after first consulting the Holy Spirit.
We should do all the research and work that we can but we should never do anything without praying to God for wisdom.

Lord, we long to hear from you.
As we embark on this journey, guide our footsteps and light the path for us to walk on.
We trust that you will direct us to dominate this world with Your love.

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