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5 tools for a successful life (optimism)

Posted by dturn on March 5, 2008

Have you ever watched a basketball game with someone who thought that because their team was down by 10 at the end of the first quarter, there was NO way they could come back and win?

Have you ever worked with someone who thought it was impossible for a Monday to be a great day?

Optimism is not some pie-in-the-sky system of beliefs.

Optimism is defined expecting the best or belief in the power of good.

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to think that something good will happen to you when you don’t EXPECT it.

Now I’m not saying that everyday will go perfectly (just ask the Patriots).
I believe that if we set our minds on the positive (the blessings of God’s word), we can set our day up for great things to happen.
What you believe in ultimately will determine the foundation for your optimism.
There is nothing more solid to believe in than the word of God.

To me every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle.
Walter Chrysler

You are on the verge of the greatest time in your life.
Grab hold to what God has about you and your future and never let it go.

The first tool you need for a successful life is OPTIMISM

Believe that!!


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