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Posted by dturn on March 11, 2008

Scott Williams

Scott is one of the campus pastors for LIFECHURCH.tv
He pastors in Northwest Oklahoma City (I hope to get there one day).
Scott is an awesome blogger, a concerned leader, and a great husband and father.

I appreciate Scott’s honesty and his sense of humor.
I’m sure if weren’t so many miles apart, we would hang out all the time.

Check out his blog here

Jason Curlee

Jay is one of the brightest lights for the future of ministry.
He is on the verge of doing something major for the Lord.
Besides, he’s in Texas, so he’s got to do it big.
The church God has called him to plant is going to dominate this world with the love of Christ.

Jay has a very humble spirit. He has no problem helping someone with no thought of getting anything in return.

check out his blog here

Annie Lobert

has a tremendous ministry called Hookers for Jesus. That’s right, I didn’t stutter.
As a former prostitute, Annie has been delivered from the lifestyle and has made it her life mission to reach those who feel like there is no hope for them.

It is my hope and prayer that the church will embrace ministries like Annie’s.
She is making an impact by going where most Christians/churches are afraid to go.

check out her website here

2 Responses to “power people”

  1. Too SWEET…thanks bro…I know God is doing some big stuff through you as well.

  2. How cool is that to be recognized with someone who’s ministry is “Hookers for Jesus” and a guy with a blog titled “Making Difference Makers.”

    What’s up to Jason and Annie and thanks for the love David. We need to chat again soon! Holler!

    BTW-I agree that we would hang.

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