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Posted by dturn on May 12, 2008

I’ve been made aware of an underlying belief in the church about single mothers.

There are some that believe that single motherhood is something that the church should not condone.
They believe that these women should not be honored in any way by the church.
They believe that Mother’s Day is a time to give thanks to the women who did it the “right” way.

After I heard this, I had to take some time to get my mind together.
I couldn’t believe that the church could be such a cold place.
When did we become judge and jury for people that didn’t do it “right”?
Did God ask you for your opinion?

First of all, let me say that God’s intent is not for a woman to have a baby and not be married.
He intended for children to be born from the union of a husband and wife.

That doesn’t always happen.

When it doesn’t, why do people have to look down and criticize?
Sure, the man and woman involved have obviously sinned.
They had sex and a child was conceived.

The sin is the sex before marriage, not creating a child.
Getting pregnant is an outward sign of something that happened in private.

Not all of us were virgins when we got married (know any? I don’t).

I refuse to put myself in the judgement seat.
Instead, I say we should make ourselves available to help every single mother that we can find.
Too often the church is critical and not loving.

Instead of telling her that she is a sinner, I would tell her that inspite of the worst that she has done, God loves her and her child more than anything.
Instead of telling her that she is destined to live on government aid, I would tell her that god has placed inside of her, gifts and talents that she could use to benefit her family and her community.
Instead of telling her that she is useless, I would tell her that she has true value that only God can measure.

We need to stop with the madness!!

Single moms, I salute you!!


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