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3 prayers

Posted by dturn on June 30, 2008

Perry Noble posted today how he challenged his people to pray three prayers:

Jesus, show me why You made me
Teach me to see as You see
Show me the next step You want

I honestly believe that many people don’t know the answer to these questions and that is the main reason for so much chaos in the world and the church.

We were all made for a reason, for His purpose.
We need to see the world and opportunities like He does.
We need to MOVE!!


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soul vitamin

Posted by dturn on June 27, 2008

You can’t get an “A” if you are afraid of getting a “F”

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all this love

Posted by dturn on June 26, 2008

I love this one from BB Jay

from holyridaz

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let’s go to work

Posted by dturn on June 24, 2008

God works the vision in;
man works the vision out.

I was re-reading one of the books I have by Myles Munroe called Maximizing your Potential.
This quote really hit me between the eyes.

Through my studying, reading, and blog surfing, I have noticed how quite a few people are getting the job done.
They have gotten a vision from God, and they have ran with it.
They have been bold, creative, and innovative.
They have networked, communicated, and organized.
Plain and simple, they are working it.

I believe that God places His vision in us not so we can marvel at it.
Instead it is in us to come out of us.
It is like fire in our bones.

I have been challenged to step up my game by these awesome individuals.
They have inspired me to get it done in the name of the Lord.

Stay tuned for some awesome developments.

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jumpstart 6/23

Posted by dturn on June 23, 2008

“Am I my brothers keeper?”
Genesis 4:9

As we go about our daily tasks it’s easy to think that we are on an island.
We rush from one appointment to the next, consumed with our own agendas.
We have to look out for ourselves. If we don’t, who will?
God never intended for us to live out lives alone.
He created us with a strong need to be on a team.
Whether your team is in an office, on a field, or in a church, God made us for relationships.
The stronger our relationships, the more success we will achieve in life.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
Henry Ford

We need each other for our lives to be as successful as God intended them to be.

Father, help us to work together as a team. We long to be ONE family, representing You to the entire world. Our unity and concern for each other should be a reflection of Your love for us.
You have given us an important assignment. We trust that your Spirit will be with us to guide and direct. Thank You for the victories.

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under-paid leaders

Posted by dturn on June 20, 2008

I saw a great article on Yahoo about the best-paid bench warmers in sports.
You know the guys that get $2 million for doing nothing.

Keith Van Horn
was retired and he got paid 2 million for NOT playing.(where do I sign up?)

Here is my list of church leaders who I feel are UNDER-paid

1. Craig Groeschel
2. Andy Stanley
3. Urban D
4. Margaret Feinberg
5. Dave Ferguson
6. Steven Furtick
7. Perry Noble
8. Miles McPherson
9. Mark Batterson
10. Scott Hodge

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one more to go

Posted by dturn on June 20, 2008

I’m looking forward to my last trip for the summer for my job.
(back to New York again).

I feel like a transition is starting for me.
I will have a lot of time to work on ministry stuff this summer.
What I really want to do (besides kicking it with my family) is build relationships with other people.

I am going to make a strong effort to get out of my comfort zone and reach out to people in my community.
I can see the need for folks in my area to see how the church should be operating (outside the 4 walls)

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soul vitamin

Posted by dturn on June 19, 2008

“If there is something to gain and nothing to lose by asking, by all means ask.”

W. Clement Stone

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soul vitamin

Posted by dturn on June 17, 2008

When spiderwebs unite, they can tie up a lion

Ehiopian proverb

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today is my day

Posted by dturn on June 16, 2008

Today is one of the best days on the calendar.

It’s my birthday!!

I am so grateful that God has let me see another birthday.
42 never sounded so sweet!!!!

There are so many people that I grew up with that never even saw 21, never mind 42.

I know that I am alive for a reason, to glorify God with my life.

Than you, Jesus

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