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a leaders edge (8 of 8)

Posted by dturn on August 21, 2008

8. Stand Up!!

Leaders are responsible for the results of their organization, whether they are good or bad.

There is nothing worse than a leader who hides behind his crew when things get rough.

Don’t just accept the applause when things turn out right.
Your team will respect you and your position when you deal with the pressure of mistakes and failure.

You must exhibit the courage that it takes to stand out in front.

There are no excuses for being invisible.

As a leader, you should separate yourself from the “wannabe” leaders.
These are people that talk like a leader but never make a move to the front of the crowd.

Your team, company, or ministry, is looking for someone to guide them.
You are the ONE.

“Authority is 20% given and 80% taken”
Peter Ueberroth

You have an obligation to lead your people to the next level.

Step Up!


2 Responses to “a leaders edge (8 of 8)”

  1. Julian said

    I think its John Maxwell who said a leader can delegate everything away except responsibility.

    Taking ownership & responsibility for something, especially when it is not making you look good isn’t easy but very important.

    Great post.

  2. holyridaz said

    Well said…my mentor expressed the same sentiment to me…he even made me continually remind myself that as a leader I must always be aware of what I do and say…he made me right down the following phrase “Others may…but I may not” to this day that phrase has helped keep me mindful that as a leader my effectiveness is wrapped up in my integrity. Thanks for the reminder.

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