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who’s really poor?

Posted by dturn on October 15, 2008

My man Chilly let me know that today is Blog Action Day, where people are posting about poverty.

This is what I think:

A lot of spend time wanting to get blessed. For what?
Are we willing to invest in our retirement, so we can sit around on our butts and do nothing.
Or, will we give more to change someone’s life forever?

Are we so consumed with ourselves that we can’t see our “brothers/sisters” ?
Do we buy the latest and greatest to numb ourselves from the reality of poverty around us?

We mis-manage what God has given us and then cry poor when He looks to us to bless someone else.

Instead of raining down bread from heaven, God has given us seed to plant in hopes of a harvest.

Most people don’t give because they don’t have it.
They don’t have it because they spend it on themselves.

Look at where your money goes.
It goes somewhere.

If you have a heart for helping those with less than…….

Your treasure will go there also


One Response to “who’s really poor?”

  1. Cyndi said

    Man, you had to go there. A couple of weeks ago we cleared a bunch of stuff out of the attic and sent it to charity. I kept thinking what I could have done with the money instead. Some of that stuff could have done a lot of good if I hadn’t have spent the money but invested in someone else.

    At a meeting at WABC last night someone told me our church was known for its giving in the neighborhood. There are a lot bigger churches in the area but for some reason people feel that they can come to the smaller church for help instead! Kind of ironic.

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