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yes, yes y’all

Posted by dturn on October 20, 2008

As some of you know, I am a HUGE fan of Holy-Hip Hop.
I listen to it everyday.

My love for Hip-Hop goes all the way back to 1979 (yes, 1979).
This is when I first heard the Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rappers Delight”.

I was immediately hooked by the way these cats were rapping on this song.
I even took the time to write out all the lyrics in my notebook.
This wasn’t easy to do because since I had it on cassette (yes, cassette), I had to stop/start/rewind/play a thousand times to get all the words.

It’s good to know that, although this culture has had some bad moments, the gospel of Jesus Christ is being infused into it make a difference in lives all around the world.

The leading website in this movement is the Sphere of Hip Hop.

For over 10 years, Josh has been holding it down and making things happen.
This site has been a blessing to millions of people around the world.
It has given artists a chance to get the word out on their music and their message.

Josh needs some help to pay expenses and wipe out some debt so he can go to the next level with the Sphere.
I believe that God has some great things in store for him.

I am asking all that rread this blog to help by partnering with the Sphere of Hip Hop to do Kingdom business.
Let’s show the world that we can come together, in the spirit of unity, and make a difference.
Any donation would be appreciated.
click here to help

Let’s do this!!!


One Response to “yes, yes y’all”

  1. Andre said

    If you’re a big fan of holy hip-hop, you should check out Tre the Third. He’s an upcoming hip hop artist with a great sound. His album isn’t out until Spring 09, but you can hear some stuff on his MySpace – http://www.myspace.com/trethethird. Anyway, take care!

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