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my thoughts on diversity

Posted by dturn on November 14, 2008

It’s okay to be yourself, whether you are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, etc.
Under the umbrella of Gods grace and mercy, we are all the same.
Your skin color is not as important as the condition of your heart.
God is not color-blind, neither should we be.
We should learn to appreciate our differences.
Appreciation should bring about celebration.
Let’s not hide behind old-mindsets. Let God renew your mind concerning diversity.
Talk is cheap. We must act like we are all brothers and sisters, born-again from the same Father.
We all deserve the opportunity to experience the fullness of Gods creation.
Heaven rejoices at the unity of the body of Christ.
Unity is displayed at football games, concerts, and even at the mall.
We should be the example to the world instead the other way around.


4 Responses to “my thoughts on diversity”

  1. Very well put! We must begin to be as intentional about this as we are with anything else in the body, but I’m noticing that this seems to matter most to people of color. Have you found this to be true?

  2. dturn said

    I agree with you Lloyd.
    This issue needs people of all colors and ethnicities to team up in the name of Jesus.
    Glad you are with me on it!!

  3. Cyndi said

    So my question is why doesn’t it seem to matter to everyone? I don’t know the answer, but would love to hear others thoughts.

  4. […] been putting off on writing this piece for a minute now, but after my boy dturn wrote this piece “my thoughts on diversity”, I could no longer hold my peace! Why aren’t churches more diverse, and why doesn’t […]

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