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Posted by dturn on November 18, 2008

You cant blame the darkness for being dark……

There is a darkness that has covered my city.
Even though Joliet is known as the “city of champions”, it is dark.

Not just “spiritual” darkness but a darkness that is in a person’s heart.
When love is not shown and there is inequality based on race, sex or religion.
A darkness in a person’s mind, when they don’t think that they can ever achieve great things.
A darkness in their eyes that causes them not to see the incredible future that God has prepared for them.
A darkness in their souls where the enemy has clouded things up so much that they don’t believe that the Creator of the earth wants anything to do with them.

Too often we complain about the conditions in our neighborhoods and cities, all while do nothing to help.
We say “it’s not my problem” or “I wish those people would get their act together”.
The truth of the matter is that it is our problem.
Those people are us.

Jesus didn’t come into the world to condemn it, He came to save everybody. (John 3:17)
There is a need in Joliet for a church that will bring the light into the darkness.
So that all might see that they have a hope, a future, and an eternal destiny.


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