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Posted by dturn on December 8, 2008

The D.J. sets the tone for the nights events.
A good D.J. knows how to tap into what the crowd needs.
The people have come here looking for a good time.
They want to escape the pressure and problems of their daily lives.
They are searching for someone to set the party off right.

A crowd is gathering.
Not just in the typical and traditional venues, but also on-line and in the newest social-networking arenas.
The urban, multi-ethnic, hip-hop influenced segments are being overlooked.
The Gospel needs to penetrate the very core of this culture.
Black, white and brown all get together at a Jay-Z concert.
Young, white girls know all the words to Lil’ Wayne’s latest hit.
Asian guys can tell you who is on the cover of this months Vibe magazine.

The D.J. can bring people into the presence of God.
The D.J. is the non-traditional praise and worship leader.
He has the tools and is gifted to create an atmosphere were God can do major work.

When will the church step up and realize that, we too can move the crowd.
We have the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.
We have the power of the Holy Spirit.

We have what it takes to reach ALL people.


2 Responses to “move the crowd”

  1. mmog37 said

    Wiki Wiki wiki Word Up!(that’s my text version of scratching LOL)

    Seriously though you are dead on with this one…we could all take a sample from the Master DJ who brings all people together under His banner. And we all could learn a lesson from the DJ on how to “feel” the people.

    Good word D…thanks for sharing

  2. Hmmm interesting concept. I never looked at it that way. Music is a very powerful tool, but I wasn’t aware of holy dj’s at all. I will look some of that up, thanks for posting this.

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