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press play

Posted by dturn on December 29, 2008

Get a goal.
Get a point to your life.

“Every man is the architect of his own future”

Reach for something beyond yourself.
Don’t just settle for average.
Use your imagination and creativity to rise to a new level.

Don’t get stuck with analysis paralysis.
Do something.

You must begin now.
Don’t wait for things to be perfect.
They never will be.

Examine where you want to go.
Count the costs.
Make preparations.
Commit to success.
Make a move.

The journey may take a while.
It may seem like it takes forever.

Getting started is the key.


5 Responses to “press play”

  1. Milan Ford said

    great post bro! may 2009 be a year we all (dare) to press play!!

  2. dturn said

    Keep on doing your thing. May 2009 be your best year ever!!

  3. holy ridaz said

    consider it pushed 🙂

  4. Cyndi said

    Good stuff, praying for your ministry in the coming year (and years).

  5. I’m ready to press play……..

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