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investments (pt. 3)

Posted by dturn on January 8, 2009

You are valuable.
You are God’s handiwork (Psalm 139:14).
God took His time making you just the way He wanted.

You should also view yourself as valuable.

Use your time wisely. Don’t waste it on stupid things or stupid people.
Go back to school.
Get refreshed in your area of expertise.

A book or two.

Yes, for real.

Hang out with leaders who will stretch you.
Soak in their wisdom.
Ask questions.

Invest in yourself.
You are all you have.


2 Responses to “investments (pt. 3)”

  1. Cyndi said

    I was with you until you used the dreaded “w” word. I need to work on that “workout” thing!

  2. dturn said

    Thats a rough one for most of us. 🙂

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