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do we need another church?

Posted by dturn on January 28, 2009

Joliet is home to over 170,000 people.
Over 60% (100,000) of these people don’t attend church on a regular basis and don’t have a real connection to God.
There are lots of good churches in our city, but there is a need for more.

Studies have shown that the best way to reach new people is by starting new churches.

A church that will bridge the gap between hopelessness and faith.
It is our responsibility to be the “body” of Christ on the earth.
We have the word of God, but we need to be the word of God in ACTION.

Our purpose should be to “go and make disciples”.

To “go” means to get involved in the lives of people in our community.
To “go” means to be concerned with the social issues that plague people of all races and nationalities.
To “go” means to express to every person that we come across that they are valuable and important.

If you “go” you can’t hide behind the four walls of a building.
If you “go” you can’t pretend to be something on Sunday that you’re not on Monday.
If you “go” you’ll have to lay your ego and pride down for a while.

Joliet is waiting on a new model of ministry.
One that will take advantage of new technologies and mix them with a personal touch to connect people to God.

There is a need for people to team-up and make a difference.
No egos. No agendas.

Just ministry.

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