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faith obstacles

Posted by dturn on February 5, 2009

Faith is moving.
It is progressive.

Since it is moving on a path, we must realize that the path is not always clear.
There are obstacles that try to hinder the progress of our faith.

Some of these obstacles are as apparent as a boulder in the middle of the road.
Others are harder to spot, like a nail on the sidewalk.
While one may be smaller than the other, both can be dangerous, unless avoided.

1. Mind – our minds try to keep our faith from advancing by using our memories of the past against us.
Failure and disappointments try to block our view of the future that God has in store for us.
We must continue to renew our minds with God’s word so that we will always move forward in His plan for our lives.

2. People – It is always good to have people with you when they are thinking and doing the right thing.
If you find a friend or friends who you can agree with, you can get a lot accomplished.
On the other hand, if you allow people to speak negative words into your life, your faith will have a hard time overcoming that.

3. Circumstances – the lack of money, time, expertise, and people can hinder your faith from achieving much success.
Facing an uphill climb can be imposing.
After all, there really is a mountain in front of you.
If you can grasp the fact that the circumstance that you find yourself in is only temporary, you will get the power from God to go past this obstacle.

Winston Churchill once said “if you are going through, keep going”.

Don’t allow anyone or anything to stop your faith from progressing.

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