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jumpstart 2/16/09

Posted by dturn on February 16, 2009

“…..All things are possible to him who believes”
Mark 9:23

It has been said that faith is not knowing that God can, but knowing that God will.

As a Christ-follower, we get the built-in benefit of unlimited possibilities.
We get to play on a team, where even if it’s the bottom of the ninth inning, and there are two outs, we can still win.

So even if you’re sick, HEALING is possible.
If your marriage is crumbling, RESTORATION is possible.
If there is chaos in your life, PEACE is possible.
If you are broke, PROSPERITY is possible.

Give God a chance to make your impossible POSSIBLE.

Father, thank You for allowing us the opportunity to be on your team.
Thank you for making things POSSIBLE. All we have to do is BELIEVE.
We trust only in Your Word. We rely totally on Your Spirit.
Give us the courage to continue on, inspite of the way things may look.
We believe that You are faithful to do what You said You would do. Amen.


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