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movin on up

Posted by dturn on April 28, 2009

you can now check me out my new spot:


come on over and subscribe



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this is it!

Posted by dturn on April 27, 2009

This is my last post on this address.
I will announce my new destination tomorrow.

I hope that I have inspired/motivated/encouraged you through my thoughts and writings.
I pray that God will allow me to do even more in His name.

Starting a church movement is just one of my callings in life.
Teaching, writing and taking a stand against racism, pornography and small-minded thinking are what keeps my mind occupied.

Check me out tomorrow.

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stay tuned

Posted by dturn on April 16, 2009

I haven’t posted anything in a while (duh!)

God has really been messing me up lately.

I have had lots of disappointing moments in the last month or so.
I have also been blessed!

Stay tuned as I transition this blog and take it to another level.


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who’s afraid of the Dark Night?

Posted by dturn on February 24, 2009

It is interesting how the enemy is so successful in the dark.
The night seems to be his “comfort zone”.

Some of our best “dirt” is done undercover.
We try to hide what we do from God, but He still sees it all.

The enemy encourages us to forfeit our futures and destroy our destiny.
He wants you to trade in your treasures of life for the temporary and ungodly.
What he offers in the night is a counterfeit, a fake.
Sure, it looks real in the shadows of the night.
But, in reality, it is nothing more than the shallow replacement for God’s blessing.

Why is it that he offers it to you in the night?
Why doesn’t he come face to face to you in the middle of the day?

He wants to come to you when he thinks you are most vulnerable.
He wants to approach you when he thinks your guard is down.
You are relaxed. You may even be exhausted.
He figures this is a good time to make his move.

You see, the night is not just a particular time on the clock.
The night may be when your child has left home in anger and rebellion.
The night could be when your closet friend has died tragically.
It could even be when you are passed on the promotion that you were promised.

The night reveals our insecurities and fears.
It gives the enemy the opportunity to make an offer that we seemingly can’t refuse.
He gives us the opportunity to rid ourselves of pain and regret.

Thank God that He shines His light in the middle of the darkness.
He gives us a path to freedom and healing.
You don’t need to fear.

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my dreams

Posted by dturn on January 19, 2009


While I can appreciate MLK’s Dream, I have some dreams of my own:

1. I dream of starting a multi-racial movement that truly reflects the passion of Christ for ALL people.

2. I dream of people not being color-blind, but celebrating the creativeness of God.

3. I dream of the body of Christ representing Him more than a particular people-group.

Like Barack said, “this is our time”.
I believe that this is the time for a new generation of Christ-follower to be the church and bring a little heaven to the earth.

Anybody want to dream with me?

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funky faith friday

Posted by dturn on January 16, 2009

Here are some of the things that I am crazy enough to believe God for:

1. I am speaking this Sunday. I am believing that lives will be changed. FOREVER!!

2. I am headed out for my first trip of the year (for work). Atlantic City, here I come!
I am looking forward to having God speak to me to give me further clarity on the Church planting front.

3. As I decrease I know that God will increase. Got to stop trying to figure everything out on my own!!

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need a little inspiration?

Posted by dturn on January 14, 2009

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good word

Posted by dturn on January 13, 2009

Jonathan Herron had a great post today.
Here it is

Feel like Gideon

It’s easy to feel like Gideon.

Called by God but afraid to move forward confidently.

Hiding in the winepress, waiting until night out of fear, even testing God.

This isn’t decisive faith, it’s paralyzing inaction.
Stop testing God and start trusting God.

He gives Gideon (and us) the words that overcome all fears:
“The LORD is with you, O mighty man of valor.”

Another translation puts it this way:
“Mighty hero, the LORD is with you.”

Own that truth in your calling.
Post those words on your bathroom mirror.
Move forward in confident obedience.

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church stats

Posted by dturn on January 12, 2009

1. There are 195 million non-churched people in America, making America one of the top four largest “unchurched” nations in the world.

2. In spite of the rise of mega-churches, no county in America has a greater church population than it did ten years ago.

3. During the last ten years, combined communicant membership of all Protestant denominations declined by 9.5 percent (4,498,242), while the national population increased by 11.4 percent (24,153,000).

4. Each year 3,500 to 4,000 churches close their doors forever; yet only as many as 1,500 new churches are started.

5. There are now nearly 60 percent fewer churches per 10,000 persons than in 1920.

* In 1920 27 churches existed for every 10,000 Americans.
* In 1950 17 churches existed for every 10,000 Americans.
* In 1996 11 churches existed for every 10,000 Americans.

6. “Today, of the approximately 350,000 churches in America, four out of five are either plateaued or declining.”

7. One American denomination recently found that 80% of its converts came to Christ in churches less than two years old.

8. Hence the claim of many leaders: “The single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches” (Peter Wagner).

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investments (pt. 3)

Posted by dturn on January 8, 2009

You are valuable.
You are God’s handiwork (Psalm 139:14).
God took His time making you just the way He wanted.

You should also view yourself as valuable.

Use your time wisely. Don’t waste it on stupid things or stupid people.
Go back to school.
Get refreshed in your area of expertise.

A book or two.

Yes, for real.

Hang out with leaders who will stretch you.
Soak in their wisdom.
Ask questions.

Invest in yourself.
You are all you have.

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